Sadam Yoshizawa solo exhibition “我画 (ガガ / Gaga)”

2017-07-16 〜 2017-07-30


Sadam Yoshizawa solo exhibition
“我画 (ガガ / Gaga)”


July 16(sun)-30(sun), 2017
12:00-18:00 on Fri/Sat/Sun


at HHH gallery
(2-21-17 Kosuge, Katsushika, Tokyo)


Opening reception
July 15 (sat) 16:00-20:00
作家在廊予定 どなたでもご入場頂けます。


HHH gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Sadam Yoshizawa, who resides in the city of Sendai and has been using crosshatching and pointillism techniques to create illustrations for skateboard companies, as well as clothing brands and shops since 2003. After a while, he made a turning point and decided to change his career as painter, to pursue the creation in large-scale and free style.

In this exhibition, he will exhibit his first oil painting piece as well as over seventy drawings that he’s been drawing everyday to loosen himself from fixed thinking. This daily drawing series include meaningless drawings, meaningful drawings, experimental images, drawings inspired by his dream, and memory, reproductive art, sketches and doodles.


Sadam Yoshizawa / 吉澤究


今回の個展では初めての油絵を展示するほか、「こう描かなければいけない」という自分勝手ながんじがらめから離れるために始めた習慣: 日々の「daily drawing」を70点ほど展示する。午前中、作業部屋に着いたら早速描き始める日々のドローイングは、午後の創作へのモチベーションにもなっている。意味のない絵、意味深な絵、実験的な絵、夢、思い出、模写、スケッチ等、描く対象はさまざま。「今日は一体何を描いてやろうか」その未知へのワクワク感が日々の創作を夢中にさせている。

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