HAROSHI solo exhibition “wait what”

2015-03-21 〜 2015-04-12

HAROSHI silo exhibition "wait what"


HAROSHI solo exhibition 
”wait what”


opening reception on Mar 21 (all day from 12:00-20:00)
Mar 21 (sat) – Apr 12 (sun)


12:00 – 20:00 on every SAT/SUN & National Holidays.
土日祝日のみ (12:00 -20:00)


at HHH gallery ( http://hhhgallery.com )
2-21-17 Kosuge, Katsushika, Tokyo


supported by HUF ( http://www.hufworldwide.com )


We are proud to announce that our pre-opening special exhibition of HHH gallery will be by one of the co-founder HAROSHI who has recently opened his third solo exhibition “Still Pushing Despite the Odds” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Feb 2015 in New York. Haroshi has been doing a show mainly in overseas for the past few years but we are able to exhibit the large-sized sculpture created by Haroshi this time, with the support of HUF founder Keith Hufnagel.


This art piece was originally commissioned by Keith as an artwork for their upcoming retail store. In order to gather enough used skateboards as a material, HUF has organized the event where kids could come and exchange their old skateboards for brand new board, and then Haroshi was able to realize this mind-blowing sculpture. This piece will be immediately shipped to Los Angeles right after the show, so don’t miss the chance to see the incredible skateboard art by Haroshi.
 A variety of limited edition prints will be available during the show.


2015年3月21日よりHHHギャラリープレオープン特別展として、ギャラリー設立者でもあるアーティストHAROSHIのエキシビションを開催します。2月に開催されたニューヨークのジョナサン・リヴァイン・ギャラリーでの3度目となる個展 “Still Pushing Despite the Odds” の反響も収まらない内に、ここ数年は海外での展示が中心となっていたHAROSHIの大型作品をプロスケーターのキース・ハフナゲルによるアパレルブランドHUFの協力によって展示できることとなりました。





HAROSHI ( http://www.haroshi.com )


Haroshi is a self-taught Japanese artist, born in 1978, currently based in Tokyo. He creates full-scale, three-dimensional, wooden sculptures with discarded and recycled skateboard decks. As a passionate skater from his early teens to present, Haroshi possesses a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of a skateboard and all of its parts including the deck, trucks and wheels. He often scavenges, collecting broken skateboards to recycle the parts and use in his work. With no formal art training, Haroshi has adapted the determined perseverance and DIY ethos of skate culture, into creating works of art. Haroshi’s relationship with his artwork is the same with his skateboards – they are his life, his vehicle for communication and expression. He has been commissioned to create the trophy of Battle at the Berrics which is the most-watched event on the most-watched site in skateboarding for last three years. He has recently opened his third solo exhibition “Still Pushing Despite the Odds” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Feb 2015, in New York.


1978 年東京生まれ。使われなくなったスケートボードを用いて独自の手法で彫刻を制作するアーティスト。10代からスケートボードに夢中になり、デッキ、ウィール、トラックといったスケートボードのパーツや構造の知識はもちろん、スケートボードの歴史やそのカルチャーに至るまで知り尽くしている。スケートボードを使ったアート作品制作の先駆者として世界のスケート界では一目置かれる存在。スケートボーダーにとって憧れの大会であるBattle at the Berricsのトロフィーを3年連続で制作している事でも知られる。2015年2月、ニューヨークのジョナサン・リヴァイン・ギャラリーにて3度目の個展となる『Still Pushing Despite the Odds』を開催。




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