HHH gallery is a weekends-only + artist-owned and run gallery in Tokyo, launched in mid March, 2015, showing highly-selected artworks and artists, and introducing cultures from around the world on four to six weekly basis. The gallery is founded by two Japanese artists, haroshi (haroshi.com) and usugrow (usugrow.com), and other members who are deeply engaged in various creative activities, such as book-making, event planning, music-making and filmmaking. HHH gallery (エイチ・ギャラリー) は2015年3月21日、葛飾区の堀切菖蒲園駅から徒歩5分の小さなスペースにオープンしました。第一線で活躍するアーティスト2人と、音楽、映像、写真など多様な分野で国内外のアートシーンに関わる運営チームによって、世界中からセレクトした美術作家やカルチャーを4~6週間の展示形式で紹介していくアーティストランのギャラリーです。


haroshiartist haroshi.com
usugrowartist usugrow.com
Junko HanzawaGestalten Japan Representative + freelance coordinator


Hirokazu Yamazakiretail designer at Metronome Inc. + toe (guitar player)
MINORxUfilm director
Miki Matsushimaphotographer
Takashi Kitsunaidirector at OC + web designer
Haru Itocraftsman at Haroshi
Jun Yamadaoutside board member of H.L.N.A